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As a successful and experienced primary school music teacher I know what makes children tick and how to inspire them to love their lessons! I offer a fun and stimulating approach to piano tuition which encourages children to make the most of their potential and to unlock the music inside them...


I understand that each child is different and I adapt each lesson to suit the needs of the individual, as well as providing books and study material to complement different learning styles.


Lessons are priced at £18 for a half-hour lesson. This includes children and adults. Please use the contact form for further details.

Keyboard Tuition

Some children and adults may prefer to receive tuition in playing electronic keyboards and synthesizers, where playing technique is different due to the lighter key touch.


Getting the most out of such instruments involves calling upon myriad different sounds, both acoustic and electronic, and use of playing enhancement features such as rhythms, auto-accompaniment features and pitch-bend & modulation wheels.


As for piano tuition, lessons are priced at £18 for a half-hour lesson. Please use the contact form for further details.

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Jazz Piano

I love to play Jazz! This genre encompasses many variations - Blues, Boogie, Swing, Bebop... Playing Jazz Piano brings extra freedom to improvise and play by ear as well as from the written score. This can be taught alongside more traditional 'classical' piano approaches or as a separate entity, but a solid grounding in basic piano technique is a must in order to progress in the world of Jazz.


I have been playing Jazz since I was in my teens and have found it an immensely enjoyable and fulfilling music to play, both solo and as part of a band.


Jazz Piano lessons - for children and adults - are priced as above.

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